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Why Binary Web?

At Binary Web, we always work with our clients to make sure they are one-hundred percent happy with their website. We pay attention to every facet of the WordPress experience and make sure that our clients completely understand everything they are looking to understand. Most website development agencies insist that you call them to have changes made to the code, not us! We are here to help you when things are beyond your skill set or you simply do not have time to complete updates yourself. 

Let’s Clean The Design.

From alignment issues and repetition to non-intuitive navigation, we’ll implement fixes to keep your site looking sharp.

Let’s Debug It.

We’ll catch broken links and malfunctioning code to make your website work flawlessly from top to bottom.

Let’s Speed It Up.

There’s no reason to let a slow website cost you potential customers. We have multiple ways to reduce loading time. 

Let’s Secure It.

Whether or not your website has been hacked we will clean and secure it from future hacks for you.  

Let’s Train Your Staff.

Stop being lost inside your website! We will help you learn your way around WordPress, your plugins, and your theme.